First of all – …


First of all – Yay! They are discussing PR!

I think I have may have entered a new era.

One of the skills a PR person can bring to a corporation is the experience and knowledge of what is newsworthy – what is really an internal story and what is going to make headlines.

Unfortunately, some of the things that make vice presidents the most excited are internal workings – they’re good for the business but arent going to grab the attention of any writers.

Yesterday, I walked into a meeting and eight people were discussing the pros and cons of having a press release or not.

First of all – yay – they were discussing PR!

Second – I say we’re having a press release.

(More later on the never-ending headline of “is the press release dead?”)

The more years you are “in” PR, the more of those “tapes” play through your head of all the no’s (or haughty responses) of negative responses from writers, bloggers and editors.

We’ve been laughed at, ignored, insulted, ignored, and told off.

So when someone in our company says – when can we get a press release out? – we’ve grown accustomed to taking a deep sigh (preferably one that everyone in the room cant hear), explaining newsworthiness, and generally, lowering their expectations.

Sometimes it seems like you’re the Department of No.

In the past year, our company has been fortunate to see some great press about some of our partnerships and new products.

Internally, people are pumped about getting more attention from media, and thus businesses and consumers.

We’ve come a long way.

I think I’m done here.

I’ve got a press release to send out.



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