The not-so-easy steps to take in the face of a crisis

Problems are never, ever easy when you’re in the middle of them.

When you’re in the thick of the mess, it’s hard to see the end in sight and your mind is spinning with all the scenarios, all of which usually end with you outside on the street with your Kate Spade lunch box.

So I’m happy when I see solid advice that holds true, such as Ragan’s PR Daily Flag on the play: 4 ways to fix the NFL’s PR mess, by Ronn Torossian.

Ronn offers some solid steps:

  • Accept blame
  • Address the problems
  • Lead by example
  • Communicate quickly and transparently

These are certainly not easy, especially with many people around you with different opinions, as well as different experience levels in crisis management.  It can be difficult to not look like the voice of gloom and doom. They also can take a very long time to accomplish, all the while under pressure with the sound of the clock ticking.

I’m keeping this article here so I can refer to it – the next time. Which as we know, will probably come too soon.


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