Valpak wins Coolest Office Space – new space award from Tampa Bay Business Journal

lisa award

“At a Thursday night awards party in Tampa hosted by the Tampa Bay Business Journal (TBBJ), Valpak headquarters took top honors for Coolest Office Space in the bay area. Valpak received the first-place award in the New Space category.

TBBJ Deputy Editor Chris Wilkerson, who oversaw the awards competition, wrote an article in Friday’s TBBJ saying, “Valpak spent months with a design team talking with each department about how they communicate, how they meet with each other and how they can reach collaborative conclusions more quickly.”

Also, check out this terrific news segment WTSP-TV Channel 10 aired Friday after their visit to Valpak’s corporate office last week. The segment was called “How to make your boring office awesome.”

In January, just a few weeks after the 805 opened, TBBJ published this story about our new space and included a photo gallery of 29 pics.

“Within a week of moving in,” Wilkerson said, “Valpak had other corporations wanting a tour of their new space to help them make cool office space decisions.”


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